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Takwin is a venture capital fund and incubator, making early-stage investments in hi-tech companies run by Arab entrepreneurs in Israel. Takwin labs nurtures the startup spirit in the Arab Israeli communities and empower Arab entrepreneurs to build successful companies. Takwin is a cooperative venture between Israel’s two largest funds – Pitango and JVP. It is the first venture infrastructure created for northern entrepreneurs and start-ups. With a proactive investment approach, Takwin helps brilliant entrepreneurs build their companies even prior to investment. By providing help with the business plan, product, strategy, and more, Takwin aims to harness its know-how of the startup journey and embark on that journey with the entrepreneurs.

Takwin’s vision is to be a platform for innovative Arab technologists to create substantial transformation in various fields such as autonomous vehicles, agriculture, seismology, nanotechnology, and more.

Alongside its investments, the firm has created Takwin Labs, which offers space for its companies and hosts them at different stages.

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