Galil ofek

Israeli Incubator

Galil Ofek is a peripheral technology incubator located in Katzrin in the Upper Galilee. The incubator identifies innovators and early-stage start-ups with disruptive technologies that will shape the future of the Healthcare Industry. G.O fund and Incubator enables start-ups and MedTech entrepreneurs to accelerate R&D, validation, and time to market while helping them grow to meet their potential. Its main technological focus are innovative medical device, telemedicine, hospital at home, personalized medicine and medical food.

Its strategic partnership with the Ha’emek Medical Center provides the innovators with the exclusive entree to the clinical trial field, access to one of the largest Electronic Health Records databases in the world, and immediate connection to Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) across the Israeli health system.

G.O is backed by Clalit Health Services, Israeli Innovation Authority, and family offices. Following the Incubator’s early-stage growth period, the companies are well-positioned to raise additional financing from later-stage venture capital investors.

G.O shareholders are Mikal, Paz Atid Projects, Tav Medical, Mor Research, and Next North.

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